Favorite Blogs + YouTube Channels

Hello blogosphere! How’s your weekend been?

I absolutely love reading blogs and watching YouTube, so today I’m going to link to a few of my favorites! Maybe you’ll find someone new that you can obsess over like I do.

1. Brighton The Day Blog


I love Brighton’s sense of style, and she is such a sweet person to talk to as well! She’s a great writer and features a wide variety of posts on her blog.

2. Lonestar Southern Blog


Okay, is Kate not the cutest person EVER? 😍 She puts together the most adorable, classy outfits.

3. Daily Dose of Charm Blog


Lauren is one of the sweetest people, and she has such beautiful pictures on her blog and Instagram!

4. Jeanine Amapola – YouTube


Moving on to YouTube now, Jeanine is one of my all-time favorites. She is on fire for God, and is one of the most humble, down-to-earth YouTubers I’ve seen. I’d love to meet her one day!

5. Morgan Yates – YouTube


Morgan was the first YouTuber that I ever watched, and I honestly love her and her videos so much. She’s hilarious, she’s stunning, and she’s so passionate about life.

6. Danielle Carolan – YouTube


Danielle is a ray of sunshine in the YouTube world. She’s incredibly positive in all her videos, and you can always count on her if you want to smile! 😊

7. Dani Austin – YouTube


Speaking of smiles, Dani always has one. I’ve talked to her several times through Instagram and she’s the sweetest! Her Instagram stories have made me cry laughing on more than one occasion. Also her hair is goals oh my goodness. 😍

I know you’ll find this group of girls as amazing as I do! Please go check out all of their platforms and give them your support.

Love you all!