10 Gifts Under $10 for Guys

I always struggle with buying gifts for my guy friends. I usually end up falling back on Pringles or something along those lines. I wanted to be a little more original with my gifts this year, so here are ten ideas I had that you might like as well!

1. Team Hat


TBH I don’t know anything about sports, but I love these hats! They have a vintage look to them that I think is really cool. $6.60

2. 300 Prompts Book


Personally, none of my guy friends really enjoy writing or drawing. However, I know that some guys do exist in the world that like these things! I think this would be such a great gift idea for them. $6.99

3. Socks


Thick, warm socks are less of a necessity in the annoyingly warm NC winter, but these would especially be a good gift in the North. It was 70 degrees here today, y’all. That’s a little ridiculous. $7

4. Masculine Scented Candle


I love candles that smell like cologne. Is that weird? But I think these are great presents for guys that aren’t ashamed to be seen burning a candle. $9

5. T-Shirt


Southern Proper shirts for $10. I see you, TJ Maxx. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

6. Quirky Christmas Ornament


There are ornaments for EVERYTHING now. We actually have a pickle ornament like this on our Christmas tree! $7

7. Pop Socket


Several of my guy friends have these and love them! The Pop Socket website has so many options on colors and patterns.

8. Touch Screen Gloves


Since almost all teens are constantly on their cell phones (I’m a cynical grandma I know), touch screen gloves are a must for winter.

9. Chocolate


I’m just going to take a wild guess and say that the majority of guys would appreciate this.

10. Coffee/K-Cups


Coffee is always a good gift!

Hope this post was helpful in your budget-friendly gift shopping! Buying for guys is especially difficult, and making this list helped me out too.