10 Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas

6 days until Christmas?? That’s so crazy. I hope most of you are done with your Christmas shopping by now, but I know that stocking stuffers aren’t always purchased until almost Christmas Eve, at least in my house. Here are a few ideas in your search for the perfect pint-sized gifts!

1. Mini Eyeshadow Palette


Mini eyeshadow palettes are super cute, and I always love to receive them since they’re great for traveling with. This one from tarte has such gorgeous colors!

2. Lipstick


I know I’m constantly raving about this liquid lipstick, but it’s seriously the best!

3. Face Masks


I use face masks once or twice a week for a mini-pampering session, and they’re seriously amazing.

4. Beauty Blender


I loved my beauty blender but recently had to through it away (because mold). These little sponges are small enough to fit in the toe of your stocking, and they’re essential to perfect foundation application!

5. Travel Size Bronzer


I’ve been wanting to try out this bronzer for the longest time! I think about 95% of Youtubers I watch use this product.

6. Mini Dry Shampoo


I use dry shampoo almost every day, so I would be thrilled to get some more of it in my stocking!

7. Nail Polish


I don’t think a Christmas has gone by without me receiving at least one nail polish! I don’t wear nail polish that often, but I love having so many colors to choose from when I do wear it.

8. Perfume Rollerball


I love perfume rollerballs since they’re so easy to pop in your purse and bring your favorite smell with you.

9. Mini Shower Gel


Philosophy shower gel is the BEST. I don’t recommend using it as shampoo, but it makes a great bubble bath and is very moisturizing.

10. Lip Balm


I keep lip balm in every room of my house! My lips thank me for it.

Lots of love to you all on this week leading up to Christmas! ❤