Comparing Drugstore Makeup to High-End Makeup: e.l.f. VS Tarte Cosmetics

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, I’ve been incredibly busy with school and extracurriculars. Thankfully I won’t be as busy starting next week, so be prepared for a lot more posts coming your way!

Today I’m comparing the e.l.f. Highlighter in “Moonlight Pearls” to the Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Highlighter in “Stunner”. The tarte highlighter is my RIDE or DIE, so I’m excited to see if I found a cheaper alternative.


The packaging is so cute! I love the minimalist look, it reminds me of Nars or MAC.


First off, ignore the mascara on my eyelid. I was struggling today, lol.

My initial impression of this highlighter was that there was absolutely no color payoff. Then I scraped the top layer off, and BAM. BLINDED. I loooove the color and pigmentation.


I have the travel size of this highlighter, so it’s comparable to the e.l.f. one. I also love the packing! So sleek and simple.


This highlight 😍 It’s a bit lighter than the e.l.f., and definitely more pigmented. I love the creaminess, it makes it so easy to apply! No scraping needed here.

All in all I think the e.l.f. “Moonlight Pearls” is a great highlighter! The colors are similar, and if you were wearing the two at the same time I highly doubt anyone would notice. However, I found the tarte formula is more long-lasting and you can use less for the same color payoff. If those things are important to you than I would definitely splurge on it. I love them both and will definitely still continue to use the drugstore one.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Love you guys. ❤️