Top 10 Favorite Movies

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great week. I’m so glad to finally be done with school for the year and have the whole summer ahead of me. Of course I’ll be watching some new movies this summer, but I always like to fall back on some of my all-time favorites once in a while. I thought I’d share my top 10 with you all in case you want to check out some new movies this summer as well! They’re in no particular order as I could never pick just one to be at the top.

1. The Greatest Showman



I’ve seen it six times – twice in the theater and four since it came out on DVD. I’m pretty sure I’d ace any lyric test you threw at me. The costumes, set design, acting, everything…this movie is perfection.

2. Wonder Woman


This was the first “superhero” action movie I’d ever seen. Gal Gadot was the perfect casting choice for Diana, she provides so many layers to the character. I felt so empowered after watching this and ready to kick some bad guys butts.

3. Voyage of the Dawn Treader


I’ve grown up watching and reading the Narnia series, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of them. The acting isn’t the greatest in the world, but they’re nostalgic and I still love them. This one is probably my favorite!

4. Captain America: The First Avenger


Out of all the Avengers movies, the first Captain America is my favorite. It’s a classic! I also love how it includes historical events, similar to Wonder Woman.

5. Sound of Music


Speaking of classics, this is an OG. “Doe, a deer, a female deer…”

6. Steel Magnolias


I watched this recently with my mom and fell in love with the cast. If you want to sob uncontrollably, this movie is for you! 🙃 I’m still emotionally scarred. But in a good way.

7. Monsters, Inc.


When I was three I used to beg my mom to watch this movie over and over again…and to this day, it’s one of my favorites!

8. Lemonade Mouth


Shoutout to Netflix for taking off ALL THE GOOD DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIES GOOD GRIEF YOU’RE ROBBING ME OF MY CHILDHOOD. Okay sorry. But they really did about a week ago and I’m so upset. Lemonade Mouth and all the other older Original movies are the freaking best.

9. Monsters Versus Aliens


I feel like this is such an underappreciated animated movie. It’s absolutely hilarious and one of my mom’s favorites as well.

10. Napoleon Dynamite



Need I say more?

I didn’t think so.

Hope you enjoyed this little roundabout list of some of my favorite movies! Keep in mind that this isn’t including all my favorite CHRISTMAS movies, which is a post for another time. (Elf, anyone?)

Have a wonderful weekend!