Things I Loved in August

Hello everyone! While you’re reading this I will be (hopefully) relaxing on the beach. My family and I are heading to the coast for a week, but Hurricane Florence picked a very unfortunate time to hit North Carolina. Right now we’re just praying that it turns and doesn’t make landfall at all. Anywayssss, that was a long intro to this post.

I love writing “Things I Loved” every month because it helps remind me of all the good things that go on in my life. I hope you enjoy reading them as well!

1. Starting my first college class

I’m doing dual enrollment with Liberty this year and my class started a few weeks ago! I’m really enjoying it so far, my Professor is so kind and the assignments are interesting. This class is called “UNIV-104” – it’s basically an introduction to higher education. I’ll be doing English and Bible during the next 8 week term which I’m really looking forward to!

2. Volleyball Season

Probably my favorite part of August was that volleyball games started! I’m on the varsity homeschool team for my area and this is my second year playing. I’m so sad that I didn’t get to start earlier as I’m a senior and I will be graduating. The girls on my team are the sweetest and it’s been such a great experience getting to play with them.

3. Watch TV Everywhere

I recently found out that my cable provider was apart of Watch TV Everywhere, which is exactly what it sounds like. You can watch 25+ channels (movies, shows, etc.) anywhere without having to pay. It’s seriously been the greatest thing. (Not sponsored lol I wish). I especially love FX and TBS, they have a lot of great movies that aren’t on Netflix.

4. BAI Antioxidant Drinks

I’ve been obsessed with these drinks the past several months. They don’t have any added sugar, they have natural caffeine, they’re packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and they taste delicious. My favorite flavor is mango, but all the flavors I’ve tried are great. I like to drink these when I want some caffeine but I’m not feeling coffee.

5. Darby Clark‘s Playlists

My friend Darby’s playlists are the BEST. Seriously. She has such a great taste in music, and I love her playlist themes. My favorites are “sassy” and “energetic”. If you want to find some new music definitely go check her Spotify profile out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! You’ll definitely be seeing some beach photos this week, be sure to keep up with my Instagram and see what’s going on in my life. Have a great week everyone!