Gift Guide for the Trendy Girl

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I’m going to be sharing a gift guide for the girl in your life that likes to keep up with da trends. (Not that you couldn’t tell that from the title.) All of these gifts are under $100 so they won’t break the bank! I, for one, can only afford so much on a slightly-above minimum wage job working twice a month.

1. Wildflower Cases Checkered Phone Case $36

I’ve seen this case all over Instagram and I think it’s super cute! Wildflower Cases has so many adorable options, but I feel like the checkered ones are their most popular.

2. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack $80

This backpack is such a classic hipster staple on Pinterest and the ‘gram. They have multiple sizes, some less expensive and some more expensive than this one. This size is the most popular option and I think it would be perfect for anyone still in school and wants a chic bag that will fit their laptop and books.

3. UO Scrunchie Set $12

I’ve been obsessed with scrunchies lately…not for my hair, but for my wrist. These would be adorable in a high ponytail with long hair, but my hair is short at the moment and I look like a middle-aged soccer mom when I put it up. The scrunchies are staying on the wrist for right now, needless to say. I love the muted colors in this set, they’ll go with anything!

4. UO Teddy Coat $70

Teddy coats are huge right now, and for good reason! They’re basically blankets made into coats that are acceptable to wear in public. I’m down for that trend.

5. Masque Bar Gold Foil Mask $4

I know you’ve seen this on at least one beauty guru’s Instagram story by now.


The answer is yes, yes it does. This one is only $4, so pick up one for yourself while you’re at it. Or two. Or seventeen.

6. Adidas Superstars $90

I have a pair of Superstars and a pair of Gazelles, but Superstars are my favorite. They’re so comfortable and pair well with almost every outfit. If you reallyyyy want to embrace your “basic girl” status, go with the classic black and white. (That’s what I have, so no shade being thrown.)

7. S’Well Marble Water Bottle $35

I love having reusable water bottles for going to the gym and for traveling. This marble print one is too cute! My S’well bottle is in rose gold, but this one is definitely next on my list of faves.

8. Huda Beauty Nude Palette $65


This palette.

Oh my heart.

I think I just teared up a little bit.

Isn’t it STUNNING?


Okay. The colors in this make my heart sing. Plus, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. There’s so much hype surrounding this palette, and it seems to be well deserved.

9. Bath and Body Works Candles $13

B&BW candles are some of the best out there, hands down. They have some great holiday scents out right now too that you should definitely check out!

10. UO Aviator Sunglasses $18

I’ve always loved sunglasses, but unfortunately I can’t wear cute ones like these because I need prescriptive lenses. If you know someone who doesn’t wear glasses then I think sunglasses would make such a cute gift!

That’s it for this post, I really hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! It’s so much fun putting these gift guides together.